Mumbai Grahak Panchayat has been engaged in activities of consumer protection and education for the last 33 years.

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Our vision is to organize consumers for common cause and fight against injustice to protect their interest.

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“Grahak Hitay, Grahak Sukhay” (In the interest of consumers, for the happiness of consumers)

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Our Activities


Monthly distribution of grocery on no profit, no loss basis

Distribution Centers: Mumbai, Thane, Palghar, Pen, Vasai and Pune. Average number of Goods approximately 92. Monthly distribution: (Approximate total during the year- 450 items) Mark-up on purchases around 8.5%. Total number of groups participating in distribution: 2,500.

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Panchayat Peth (Consumer Plaza)

An innovative and unique activity to supply different types of quality goods to the society in general at reasonable prices at different locations, generally before Diwali. It also offers a platform to entrepreneurs for marketing their products. Turnover during 2018-19 was more than Rs.10 crores.

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Our Events

  • 8 Jun 2020

Cyber Security in Online Transactions


Joining link: https://m.teamlink.co/6032400014

  • 11 Jun 2020

Webinar 6 - Awareness about Medicines


Registration link: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcuduqtrz4pEtTZ99wsscM4v8s3NOfeEfSN

  • 02/06/2020

Consumer And Consumer Movement Post-Corona

4.30 PM - 6.00 PM ZOOM WEBINAR

Registration Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZwkfuyqpjwjH9RQ6JJ3PsmgIjspnziIOpDy

Why People Choose Us

Loyal customer base of over 32,000 families

Mumbai Grahak Panchayat has gained trust of 32,000+ families and also have made 120,000 consumers happy.

Sensitive consumerism

Charityfaith is a nonprofit organization for poor student. It's also provide food and scholarship

Quick to battle

While most Indians sit and mourn their helplessness MGP has proved you can thrive without government help; in fact, you can take on the government and still thrive.



Corporation - Manager

Our Success Rate

In 30+ years, Mumbai Grahak Panchayat has become a powerful advocate of consumer issues.


Happy Families


Successful Missions


Volunteer Reached


Globalization Work

Success Stories

MGP Vs. M/s Lohia Machines Ltd.

Lakhs of consumers paid security deposits to the scooter company for booking scooters. Delivery was promised within a certain period but the demand could not be coped with.

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MGP Vs. Airlines

Supreme Court orders full refund for airline passengers for flights cancelled during Corona Pandemic. Airlines to endeavor to refund the collected money to passengers within 15 days from today. If on account of Financial Distress any airline not able refund money now,  it shall provide Credit  Shell equal to the amount of fare collected, in the name of the passenger so as to consume the same on or before 31st March 2021. This Credit Shell is transferable to other passengers and also re-routable without any extra charges. The Credit Shell value shall be enhanced by 0.75% per month till 31st March 2021. If passengers do not use Credit Shell by 31st March, Airlines will have to give refund with interest @ 0.75 % per month (9  % p.a.). As you may be  aware Mumbai Grahak Panchayat (MGP) was Intervenor in this PIL filed by Pravasi Legal Cell. The reliefs are also in line with UNCTAD Advisory issued as a result of follow-up by MGP.

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MGP Vs. Reliance Energy

Reliance Energy had slapped notices on its consumers in Mumbai demanding they pay an additional security deposit equal to three months' bills and threatened to disconnect their power supply if the order was unheeded.

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